autoresponder list what’s the best way to build a relationship with your list

List building gurus often pride themselves with having a large autoresponder list however if only a few respond to their offers the large numbers don’t mean much. It’s the same with people who boast about their large number of Twitter or Facebook followers. The numbers may look good but the quality of the relationships with their followers may be lacking. Even a small list with a high response rate is better than a large list that gets little or no response.
5 ways to build a relationship with your autoresponder list
1. Treat each person as a friend
It’s easy to view your autoresponder list as a numbers game. You figure the more subscribers you get the more money you will make. This can be compared to throwing mud at a wall. If you throw enough of it at the wall some of it will stick. Try to view each subscriber as a living, breathing human being instead of an object. Relate to each person as if you are sitting across the table from them. Instead of seeing them from your own viewpoint try to place yourself in their shoes. It will help you to be more objective.
2. Personalize your e-mail messages
A personalized message beginning with your own name is more powerful than using a generic name such as “Dear subscriber.” Most autoresponder services allow you to create a number of fields for your opt in form. Make sure you at least include the name and e-mail address fields. Send an e-mail message to yourself first before sending it to your whole list. It will help you catch obvious errors.